Of all the images belongs to PT´s Foto Fun or Pepa Torre (photographer) but we will ask for permission to use the photographs from you or your family.


There is a photo of myself or my child in your website and I don´t want it in there:

I only use images Model released: a document signed by you giving me permission to use the images for this website, brochures or other advertising of PT´s Foto Fun (verbal permission in the odd case) however, even if persmission has been granted, If someone is unhappy with any displayed photograph, please let us know and we will remove it asap.

I have a concern about something:

Please, let us know and we will deal with it as soon as we can.


Model Release forms (for Adult or Minors):

We would appreciate it if you fill it up and sign it even if you prefer not to share your photos. It is also a document needed for us to have records of you (like family name, ages used for filing your images): download it from the "Print it" tab.


Optional Questionnaire

To bring into photo sessions to help us know you better: download it from the "Print it" tab.



Go into our facebook link to see what´s new, maybe you find some photos uploaded from your session; ask us questions, we love interaction. "Likes" are very much welcome and please, invite your friends to join us. We will have some special offers here and there.


Would you travel outside of the Waikato region?:

We are happy to go to places, please contact us and we can talk about it.


Where can I find you?:

Look in the "Contact" tab, map provided.


What is a good time to book a Session:

Look in "Sessions" tab.


What to bring to a Photo Session:

Explained in detail in "Sessions" tab. Any other information regarding Photo Sessions; look in the "Sessions" tab. Can I bring my mother, partner, etc to the Photo Session?: yes, everybody welcome.


Sorry, I can´t make it to our appointment:

Please, make sure you let us know 24 hours in advance that you want to cancel the Photo Session, otherwise we won´t be able to refund your Sitting fee (we book a time for you and if you don´t show up we are loosing a possible customer that could have been booked at that time). We try to be flexible with sick children and can change the dates for Sessions but please try to understand and let us know with some time for us to re-schedule.


Kindergartens and Daycare Centers:

We have good experience with daycare centers in the Cambridge and Hamilton area. The photos we do are not like the photos you are used to from other "School Photographers", all pretty much in the same spot and not too different from one another. We treat every child as an individual, with different colors, trying our best to get smiles out of them. We can set up our mobile studio in some room that you have available or even pre-schedule some days for families to come to our studio getting all the "kindy" specials. Please, contact us if you are interested in us doing yearly or Christmas photos (with hundreds of props and costumes) in you center and we can meet and discuss this in person. We will bring you a portfolio of our work. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


We manage a Playgroup, Playcentre or any other special Event,

Would you be able to come and set up your mobile studio for a day or two?: yes, we will be ecstatic to do that. Please, contact us and we can discuss the matter in person. We would love to hear from you. Would you do Products or Real Estate or any other type of Photography?: yes, let us know your needs and we will try to find a solution for you.


Price list:

download it from the "Print it" tab.


Package Deals:

Look at the price list in the "Print it" tab. I want something but I can´t find it in your price list: contact us, we are happy to discuss your needs. Prints will be Matt unless specified.


How do I do my order online?:

Once you receive your Photo Index/s in the email address provided (please, make sure it is not full or it will keep bouncing back to us) you will see photo codes underneath every picture. Look at the price list in the "Print it" tab and make up your mind (if you paid for a package deal just stick to what is included in it + if you want something else, add it to the list). When you are all decided just drop us an email listing what photos do you want (photo code; you only need to tell us the last number, not the whole line) and the sizes of the photos you order. You can add up the cost of what you want unless you are confused, I will send you and invoice and let you know how much it comes to when I answer to your email or a bit later on if we decide for payment in the end (package deals are paid in advance while in normal Photo Sessions you pay the sitting as you book it and later you pay 50% of the order as you place it and 50% when the order is finished- you need to pay beforehand if you want your order delivered-) . Remember you can choose to come back to the Studio and we can view and choose the final photos together.


Can I see an example

Of the Photo Index you will send me after the Photo Session?: you can find it in the "Print it" tab. I want my photos in the next couple of days: yes, we can do fast but there will be extra charge if you want your photos in a rush.


I want my photos in a CD:

Look at the price list in the "Print it " tab (you may find the prices are dearer than you expected. Remember that photos are our product, like a shop sells groceries or a lawyer charges for their law advices or documents., We spend long time doing Photo Sessions, Editing after Sessions, preparing Photo Index to send to you (or in a new appointment to view your photos with us), answering all your questions, doing Digital Retouching of every image that you choose, Packaging, Handing in, not mentioning our expertise and equipment value… it is a long process. When we give you a digital file it means you can do as many reprints as you want to do (to a certain size), of course they are more expensive than paper prints. Like any other business we need to charge for our work.


Digital work of any sort available

(basic digital work included in price):look in the button "Digital Art" at the bottom of the Home page. Foto Art, Mounted Fotos, Foto gifts, you name it. Contact us if you are interested in quotes.


Mounted Photos & Photo gifts:

We offer canvas and blocks plus we stock a few frames every now and then. We are not yet in the position of offering special framings of our own but what we do (and strongly recommend) is advising you options and helping you through the process of deciding what to do and where to go and get it done. We can find the right frames for you (already made ones or custom made) and we will charge the price of the frames plus some extra for out service (depending on the time spent).


Photo Cards:

Have a look at our Photo Cards in the button at the bottom of the Home page: "Digital Art", you will find several designs of Photo Cards (Thank You cards, Birth Announcement, Invitations to Events and Specially Christmas cards). We have a good number of personal designs but if you are after something unique or specific we can design something especially for you.


My photos have a black or white line on the sides, why?:

Cropping may occur if you select a print size that is a different shape to the original image, sometimes there is no option for cropping and we have to leave some space on the sides to have the photo in the size you asked for. Here is an explanation about printing sizes: 6x4", 6x8", 8x12" and 10x15" pretty much maintain the proportion from the original file; 5x7" and 8x10"´s crop around 2 fingers in one side. Not every photo allows cropping (especially in the cases of extreme close ups). If you order a photo size that crops and there isn´t anything to crop from, you will find your photo with borders on the sides; you can request us to cut them for you but you may find it useful to keep it like it is you are planning on framing that image.


Can you scan my own personal photos?:

yes, we scan 6x4" paper prints, slides and film but not in high resolution, only for small prints.


Would you do some Digital work to my own personal photos?:

Yes, contact us and we can discuss it.


Photo Albums:

Look in the "Albums" button at the bottom of the Home page (sorry, still working in it) and the price list in "Print it".


Why a Photo Album?:

To me, if you come to a Photo Studio the best thing you can get is a Photo Album. If you decide to make the effort and spend your money, you can have in mind hanging a big print or a few of them in your wall, get some photo gifts for father´s day or, ok, many other things. What happens is that if you go for small prints it is a bit of a shame and it doesn´t feel right sometimes what you get for the money you spend. Good quality photos in 6x4"´s don´t show half or their potential; once you go big you realize what a treasure they are while when they are small the feeling you get is pretty much "ah, ok, nice". Big prints in the wall are great but there is just so much that you can hang in it. When you choose to do albums you end up with a wonderful selection of pictures, in different clothing and backgrounds; you can choose to do different sessions, one with your family, another one with your pet or anything else you like. In the end, even if you spend some money you end up with a product that will feel right.


I can do the Album myself:

Have you ever done it? Everybody has the tools to do albums, they are all over the place, yes but, believe me, it´s harder than it seems. Doing a decent looking Photo Album means a lot of work and some knowledge too. It is not about choosing the best photos and spread them, you need to choose the photos that go well with each other, then have a reasoning why you put them in an order and not a different one, know about proportions and layouts; after that, there are lots of choices about backgrounds (which makes it harder)… I got married years ago and I am still in the process of finishing my own Photo Album. You can do it, yes, but most of the times you won´t do it.


Gift Vouchers:

A great idea for multiple occasions (Father´s day, Christmas presents for granna and grandpa, Valentine´s day, just because, for your daughter´s graduation…). What better present than photos? They´ve got it all. Here you are gifting a wonderful treasure for the rest of their lives (and after that), add to that an unforgettable experience, what compares to that? Not long ago, I was going through my husband´s old family photos and then realized how in the old times, when people didn´t own photo cameras, the photos that have transcended generations are much better than then ones after those times, when we believe we can do everything and be good at everything (nowadays). Let the professionals do what they are good at like our grandparents used to do, at least a few times in your life, those are the photos that will tell the story of tour life. Look in the "Gift Vouchers" button on the right hand side of the Home page.



We would love to have testimonials from you. We are working in a way that you can upload your testimonial yourself directly from the "Testimonials" button in the right hand side of the Home page but for now, they are very welcome as an email that we will upload ourselves, we promise to be ethic and use them whatever you say (good or bad).


Loyalty cards

(we are working on this), you will be able to find information soon int the button "Loyalty cards" in the right hand side of the Home page.


What do you mean by "Styles":

Look at information in "Sessions" tab or samples of images in the "Styles" button at the bottom of the Home page.


I am interested in sets and costumes, what do you have?:

I will be putting together a list of the sets and costumes available for the different ages and categories. There will be something for mother and child, father and son, etc but it will always depend on sizing. Have a look at "Sets & Costumes" in the main gallery for ideas and please, contact us if you want some more information about this.


What are the prices or Package Deals for Wedding photos?:

Please, contact us and we will fill you in. We are working on this at the moment.