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Here I am. It has been many years wishing for this baby to be born, a long "pregnancy" full of stormy ideas, work, more ideas, more work, photos, photos, photos… and very little time to actually let this baby come to life. Now she´s real, come and meet us at PT´s Foto Fun.


I was only 12 years old when my favorite way of spending a beautiful Spanish summer day was gathering whoever I could get hold of and dressing them up, creating flower necklaces, doing their hairs, choosing locations… and making my precious Werllisa camera dance under my still small fingers.


After that, during my whole teen-age years every “peseta” that got to my hands rarely failed to find its way to develop some film, buy some new accessory for my camera, filters here, flash there… My friends enjoyed posing and they let me play and direct them in many occasions. I was always the reporter of our camping escapes, carnival parties, weekends in the country side, etc. Sometimes I even prepared “propper” set ups full of candles, make ups, stylism or whatever came to my mind.


Then I reached my 20´s, trying to remain “serious” and almost falling into my parents eternal fight against my crazy Photo-love (they hoped it was just a teenage trend). I spent 2 whole years studying Laws but it just didn´t work out, not creative = torture. I changed careers and graduated in Audiovisual Communications. During this wonderful time I commenced my flirt with Art, attending as many workshops as I could handle in the Madrid arty circle. It didn´t take me long before I went straight to do Exhibitions of my own work, slide shows, collaborations with international art events, etc. The passion for Photography was now definitely the boss of me, my way had been chosen without my permission!


After University I had the chance to obtain a Masters Degree in Photography in one of the most important Photo Schools in Spain. Thanks to them and Hewlett Packard I won a national prize which gave me all the tools I needed to discover how much I love the digital era in a time when even owning a laptop was quite a luxury.  This allowed me to represent my country in an international competition where I was judged by a photographer whose shots include Barack Obama, Prince, Bono or David Beckham. My work was displayed all over the world.




Autores - T - Torre, Pepa




buscador de fotografo - Pepa Torre


My love for Photography was immense but so was my love for travelling. I wanted to go everywhere and try everything: Fashion, Advertising, Journalism… was very hard to choose. I enjoyed every single experience, lots of different jobs all over the place but the one big condition that stayed still for all those years was: I NEEDED  to have a camera always with me, I couldn´t (and still can´t) conceive life without it, as if it just belonged there.  In the end I moved to the other end of my world and here I do Photography, my two passions merged so neatly.

I am now a mum of two gorgeous little girls. My way is now well defined. PT´s Foto Fun is a blend of my experiences during all those years of work and practice. I finally found my vocation.  I want to take Photos of all of you (babies, adults, pets, families or couples) and let you share all this energy and ideas and colors that I see when I grab my camera and start shooting. I want to meet you, see who you are and so I can imagine you in pictures, I want to hear what you have to say and work together until we find your most beautiful self by relaxing, talking and playing with backgrounds, music, outfits… Believe me, you will be surprised of how much there was in you or your kids, your pet, etc. that you didn´t even know existed. I guarantee you will love the experience. Do it for yourself or do it for them, what better present then a fun time with a huge reward to take home and enjoy for the rest of your days?


Now, ready to meet my family?


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There is no better fun for me than Foto Fun my family!






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