Welcome to PT´s Foto Fun
(Photography taken to another level)


If you are here it means you may be interested in having a Photo Session for yourself, your baby, your family, your pet or even to give a wonderful present to a friend.

Here you will find a lot of information that we hope can help you understand all you need to know about the process of having your photos taken.

Before we start dividing the information regarding the different categories found in the main gallery, there are some general tips that you should keep in mind for all the different Sessions.




Getting in touch:

if you are interested in having a Photo Session with us you can give us a call or drop us an email. Look in the "Contact me" tab.

Booking times:

generally any day of the week apart from Wednesday any time from 10 to 3 (that´s to do the booking, we can be doing the photos to up to 5 o´clock). Apart from this, if the times are not convenient for you or your family we can organize a weekend or after hours if it suits you better. We are flexible with time.


How long will a session last?:

allow between 1 to 1´5 hours (more like 2 hours for little babies and newborns).
Sometimes kids, specially the little ones, can have tantrums, upset moments or simply it takes some time for them to get used to the new place, lights plus a stranger taking photos of them… it is only normal. I will try my best to make them come around and be happy (I normally have good vibes with children and with a little patience it is uncommon that they don´t change that behavior at some stage) but if after a decent amount of try (half an hour-ish) they keep crying and being upset we will talk about re-scheduling the session for another day.


I am late:

remember that I have booked myself to do photos with you. When you are late then all that time that I am waiting for you I am unable to work for you nor anybody else. I understand how difficult it is to be in time when you are travelling with children, for that I will be flexible for half an hour but at no charge but after that time there will be a waiting fee (look at the price list in the "Print it" tab).
If you can´t make it to our appointment or need to cancel it you need to tell me 24 hours in advance if you want to get back the price for the sitting fee (this is to cover for jobs I have to say no to).


What to bring:

At least two changes of clothes, props, accessories (hair stuff, jewelry, toys, bikes, beach inflatables, scarves, baby buckets, your doll when you were that age... ), the more the merrier, if we don´t use it that´s ok, it´s better to have it here in the day rather than wished you brought it along. To me it is never too much, I love props. We have had a horse, a motorbike, drums, etc in the studio before. If it can be done, we are happy to give it a go.
It is a good idea talking about what you are planning to bring before the Photo Session takes place (especially if you are clear about what you want). It helps me have the place ready with the right color backgrounds and some other adjustments I may need to do beforehand.
We have most of the things needed for a Photo Session of any sort (props, rattles for kids, wipes...) but I like to consider them back-up stuff; it is a good thing if you come prepared and use the wipes you like for your baby and the toys that make them laugh the most, to use an example.


Do you do something special?

Do you have some special feature? (if you play guitar, do ballet, play rugby, daddy has a mustache and you want a funny photo of baby simulating him, have a chair or teddy that is a big part of a child´s life, traditional costumes from another country, amazing eyes, spectacular body...) Let´s use it! Do you want a nice photo or a photo that talks about you? If this is the case bring it over or show me and we will surely have a go at it, why not use these valued features or objects that make a difference for you?



if you have a look in "Print it" you can find an optional questionnaire that you can fill up and send back to me or even give me on the day of the Session. It is just a little help to know you better and know what are your interests and what sort of images you are into in order to try an achieve images that blow out your mind.



Antique, Artistic, Delicate, Formal, Fun, Retro, Vintage, Rock & Roll, Romantic or Sexy & Glamour.
If you look at the buttons located at the bottom of the Home page you will find this one called Styles.
Styles are not just clothes, backgrounds or a type of scenery, Styles are an attitude, how one stands in front of the camera; the feeling one gets when looking at one picture or another. Some people are sweet and dreamful while others are pure fire. Styles tend to put together that meaningful behavior with the right clothing and atrezzo.
Some people have a very well defined style while others feel comfortable in many of them. We will be looking for the Style where you feel comfortable, sometimes pushing the limits a bit and proposing ideas that may seem a little crazy at first but often those who let me "play" are happy they did let themselves go, but only as long as you "want to play" and be different. Formal and plainly yourself is perfectly fine, it all depends on who you are and what do you want the photos for.
I strongly recommend you have a look at the photo gallery in the Styles section so you get ideas and share them with us, that can help us figure out who you are and what sort of thing you are into. The more we know what you like the more closely we will achieve your wished images. You may not know what you want to do beforehand but when we see images we all know what makes us smile, make our heart melt or any other sensation, you name it, this is what it is all about, to bring out emotions. It is very different going for Romantic or Rock & Roll (just to name some) and the choice of clothes and props will be much more spot on if we have a plan.
Your house probably has a certain Style (minimalistic, rustic old villa, contemporary...). It would be a good idea thinking of styles that go well in your place before we start taking photos, in case you want to hang some pictures in your wall.
Styles are a whole way of sensing life.


Clothes need to be taken into consideration, what you wear is important.

Not only clothes should be clean and ironed but it pays to put some thought into what we are going to wear. Colors and repeated patterns are fine but not really brands or one big drawing or text in the centre of a T-shirt bringing all the attention to it (unless, you are trying to "say something" by using it).
Do you want casual photos or fancy ones? Crazy dress-ups or naked body? We are happy with whatever you want to do but please, think about it.
When taking photos of a group of people, the choice of clothes is even more important because they need to all look good together. What do we wear then? Well, yes, you can do white T-shirts and jeans for everybody, that always works. Still, there are plenty of other options, the key point is looking at colors and type of clothing altogether (if we go for casual we all go for casual, if we go for good clothes we all bring our best clothes, if summery looking I don´t want dad with his woolen jumper. I don´t want to see mum with a nice dress and dad with his favorite Waikato beer T-shirt, we need to be consistent. Ask us if you get stuck, we have some back-up clothes in several sizes if you don´t know what to bring or you don´t have a white shirt).
All in the same color; everyone in different colors; all wearing coats and scarves; sports outfits; no T-shirt on; choosing a range like brown, yellow and blue and playing with them (i.e. some will have the 3 colors, some only yellow, some blue and brown).... these are only some examples, this choice will define a big deal of what the final image will end up looking like since clothes will definitely talk about you and it will even influence the way you pose in front of the camera.


Make up, Hair-do, nails and toe nails:

Around 85% of the times mums end up being sorry if they didn´t come prepared, many times they think about it but the rush of the moment make you forget about it. Especially with little babies, very often mums, grandparents, etc end up jumping in photos that they did not plan to be in. Consider this while you are still in time.
Keep in mind that what you find a lot of make up for everyday life will not look like half as much in photos. You can go a bit over than your normal make up allowance and still look natural.
Let us know if you want us to find a hair dresser or makeup artist for the Photo Session.


Making you look good:

Well, yes, we always do our best for everybody to look good, we are trained and skilled at that but there is more to it than just looking good. We like personalities to show in our photos.
Being a mum of two there has been something which has impressed me a great deal over these few years of my daughter´s small lives: it is how clearly their personalities are defined ever since they are so very little (not just my girls but most of the kids around them already have a something that shows who they already are and surely will be, no matter how hard society and circumstances try to change them). Our personalities come in the pack, from birth, this is my belief and being the second of 3 sisters and a brother, born from the same parents, gone to the same school, having shared the same house and education for a good portion of our lives we have ended up being very different from one another. This amazes and interests me.
We want to know who you are and bring it up into images, personal images. We love people, any age, sex or race and we are trained to be able to guess who you are and make it work for you to look not only good but special. Be yourself! There is surely a lot more in you than you even believe there is. Kids don´t have a problem with this, let´s be kids for the day. Not only your photos will be unique but you will have a lot of fun, trust me in this.


Combining Sessions or Categories:

Say you want to put together single photos of your baby and your toddler, or different cousins for a frame for grandma. Sometimes is much more practical to do single photos of every member of the family wanted in photos rather than big group ones. The chances of having beautiful photos of single people are a lot bigger than groups of people even though you give up the interaction. Even if we will do our best to get the best possible result, please, consider the possibility of single photos of everyone if you want to be in the safe side. In saying that, groups are very welcome.
If you decided to go for single but combined photos, still keep clothes and color backgrounds in mind, try to do them in the exact same place and the results will be tidy-looking. I recommend plain styles for these combinations of single photos, not too many clothes or complicated sceneries, nothing too noticeable. However, there is the second option of doing dress-ups for this kind of separated but combined photographs (see families- 19 and 20 in the main gallery), these are very special photos and give a sensation of unity with families working together in order to achieve a goal, we have had lots of fans for these particular collages.


More than one session (ie. Package and Album Deals):

If you are looking to do different sessions and specially if you plan to get an album (I strongly recommend albums), my advice is to do as many different color backgrounds and changes of clothes as possible to make the end result look fresh and fun. This also applies to cases when you have come before to have photos taken with us (you can go back and use them in future photo albums or review them whenever you like for at least 5 years).
Find out about our disguises options, not only for children, also some for grown-ups, (have a look at Sets & Costumes in the main gallery for ideas). Kids and babies look really cute as animal, fruits, clowns, etc. In my case those are some of my most cherished pictures of me as a little one.



At some point of the Photo-day we will ask you to sign the Adult or Minor Model Release form (you can sign yes or no, of course). With this form you allow us or not to use your photos or your kids´s ones for advertising of PT´s Foto Fun (website, catalogues, Card samples, posters...). We need you to fill it up also to have all your details in writing.


After the Photo Shoot:

We will edit all the photos and do a selection for you to choose from your favorite ones. You can either set a day to come back to see them with us or we can send you and index with photo codes to your email address and you can choose from home, you choose which option is easier for you. The photos we show you at this stage will have a minimum retouching; once the final photos are selected we will fix lighting, colors and basic enhancing to make them look beautiful. If you are interested in more detailed manipulation of specific parts of the image retouched (like model looking skin, remove a person from the background or so many other possibilities) let us know and we will be sure to find a way to help you with your requests. Extra charge may incur.


Once I choose which are the photos I like, what can I do with them?:

Have a look at the price list in "Print it". You can get pretty much anything you want. If it is not specifically offered, please contact us and we will be happy to look into the matter and find the way of getting it done for you. Look at our vast range of Digital Art, Photo Cards (Thank you cards, Christening invites, Christmas cards... you name it), Mounted Photos, Photo Gifts, and Albums, anything you have in mind. You can buy photographs as such or transform them in pieces of Art that you and your family will enjoy for the rest of your lives.
Anything that´s in your mind we can bring it to real images so, please, always ask us if you have new ideas and we will be pleased to help making them happen.


Once you choose the photos you like.

Please remember that if you are planning on putting some of them together as a collage, it is a wise idea talking to us first. Not every image can be put together nicely, there are considerations such as proportions, different lighting, different types of shots that look bad together, etc. We have experienced many situations where customers have said: "ouch, I would have never thought of that". It may cost you a little extra but if you want a job well done, we will be happy to assist you to get a final product of good quality. Same thing goes about where in your home do you want to hang a framed picture. We are experienced designers who can visualize the final product; this means that if you know where you would like specific images to go, it could pay talking about it, even before the Photo Session. We can do images pre-studied for certain spaces, like I have a big canvas in my kitchen that follows the red and white theme of my decoration. Tell us about it or bring us a photo of the room where you would like it to your photos to go and we can have a chat about it. Preparation always leads to satisfaction.


Now, are you ready?

Pick up the phone or send us an email and we can book your session asap.
As we say in my language: "no dejes para mañana lo que puedas hacer hoy" (don´t leave it for tomorrow if you can do it today).

We´ll take you to new dimensions and help you discover a special you that you didn´t even know existed.



We consider newborns the first 3 weeks of baby´s lives. Here is when they give us all those gorgeous photos of the sweet baby faces and positions that make us melt. It is recommendable to do these photos in the first 10 days of life (we say 3 weeks but after the first 10 days we can´t promise they will still look like newborns, it depends in their sizes and the way they are growing). Newborns are still quite pleasant and go to sleep really easily and they still let you do without complaining too much. There will be some clothes changing and they might be asleep when you do it, don´t feel mean, they won´t care but in the other hand they will appreciate ater on that you did these photos.
Newborns are like mummy´s little dollies at this stage, all they do is eating, sleeping and filling up their nappies, how can you have such a cute thing in your hands for nothing else than feeding and bum changing! Photos are a great way of interacting with them with extra reward.
Newborn Photo Sessions will normally take around 2 hours. You will probably have to feed your baby several times between photos (there is a sofa in the studio where you can feed while we change backgrounds, etc or if you want more privacy, please, let us know and we can sort out your going to a different room, it is not a problem at all).
We will try different sets and outfits. Newborns look very beautiful naked or just with a nappy cover but if is entirely up to you how do you want the photo to look like (lots of people are not keen in naked or semi naked baby photos, that´s ok, it is your baby and so you choose).
The little annoyance of coming to the Studio with little kids (getting out and about in the first days after your baby is born can be a hassle, specially with baby number one) but we forget all of this the minute after we are out of the house and we get to keep a unique record that you only have a few days to have, something very special, those little days, looking so tender and fragile are real treasures. You will not regret the effort!
During newborn and baby Photo Sessions it is a must that a carer (mum, dad, aunty…) stays next to them at all times to make sure they don´t turn and fall or get hurt in any other way (chances are minimal but just to be in the safe side). Please, beware not to cover the lights when you stand next to the baby.
One more thing to consider: Baby´s skin is not as good as the myth says, it often has pimples, milk spots, rushes, dryness and many little veins showing underneath the thin layer of skin. If you don´t ask us o leave it as it is we will try and make it look soft as expected (minimum digital retouching included). Make sure you tell us about birth marks or freckles that shouldn´t be removed (often confused with pimples).



After the first few days of their short life babies start being more active and they start putting on weight and therefore, the older they get the more difficult it is to make them stay in the positions we want. Now they move and stretch their legs all the time and they don´t go to sleep as easily as before. From this moment on we have to let them be and adapt to them. We can still have ideas and use buckets and baskets but maybe it will be a different position than the one you had in your mind. Some babies are happy on their tummies while some can´t stand it (we can always try for a little period of time but we want to avoid them getting too upset or it may end up the end of a Photo shoot).
It happens all the time that we have lots of ideas and outfits in our minds of things we want to achieve with babies but they normally don´t last as much as we wish they did. Probably 3 different looks is as much as you get done with little babies in one go. Big babies, after a good feed can do some more (as long as you are not afraid of changing their clothes if they fall asleep, which can be the result of a good feed – I recommend getting the right clothes on before the feed begins).
Please try to organize the time for the photos when baby has had his/her sleep and the best moment of the day for them to be settled. I know, it´s hard, my babies were all over the place until quite old, don´t worry, we try what we think is best and we deal with what happens after, we are used to that: babies cry, babies need nappy changes, we count on all of that; you relax and, please don´t be in too much of a hurry (around 2 hours). We will manage to get nice photos regardless of their mood.
During newborn and baby Photo Sessions it is a must that a carer (mum, dad, aunty…) stays next to them at all times to make sure they don´t turn and fall or get hurt in any other way (chances are minimal but just to be in the safe side). Please, beware not to cover the lights when you stand next to the baby.
One more thing to consider: Baby´s skin is not as good as the myth says, it often has pimples, milk spots, rushes, dryness and many little veins showing underneath the thin layer of skin. If you don´t ask us o leave it as it is we will try and make it look soft as expected (minimum digital retouching included). Make sure you tell us about birth marks or freckles that shouldn´t be removed (often confused with pimples).
Also remember that it is a good thing if you come prepared in case you jump in the photos with your baby. If you have other children they often end up having a photo with their little brother or sister, keep this in mind and bring some nice clothes to go with bub´s ones… just in case.



Kids are the perfect combination of a big challenge followed by huge rewards. They are magical, fun, colorful and versatile. Their personalities are still pure. All we have to do is let them be comfortable so they simply express themselves 8this is the difficult part).
Kid´s Photography is considered one of the hardest types of Photography by many professional photographers. You need to become a child yourself and follow their lead while working on their minds (trying to convince them to do stuff you want them to do) and making sure you stay in focus with subjects that don´t stay still for a minute. We start with a plan of what we want to do but often, with children, the plan needs to be left aside and just make the most of their never ending energy: that´s how we get good photos of children. If you try to make them do this or or do that it is very likely that you end up with a bag full of grumpy faces while if you let them be (or try to convince them to want what you want) they surprise you over and over doing things that you would have never thought of, this is what we love the most. We aim to capture, freshness, happy faces and extreme energy, that is how we achieve our overpowered images, not just a pretty face but a face with something to say, a face that makes you look at it once and again because it has captivated you either by sweetness, mystery, happiness, etc, it doesn´t matter, they are all different and all amazing little creatures.
With older kids (from 3 years old) they start being aware of their looks and start pulling strange faces, sometimes mum and dad being there cause them to try and do what they think mum and dad are expecting from them. We may ask you to wait outside in some occasions if we believe the child will perform better by himself/herself; please don´t be offended, it happens very often and it works very often too. You are welcome not to go if you are not comfortable with our request, of course, all we want is to get the best photos of your children for you.
Kids often need a bit of bribing, you are welcome to bring over some lollies or any other kind of treats that they like for the Photo Session (don´t worry if you forget, we normally have some too), however, we will try to use "bribery" only when they are very much needed (first we try to convince them to do things conventionally) because once they start eating they don´t want to do anything without more and more treats and they get dirty clothes, full mouths and ugly gestures. Please, let us decide when is the right moment for sweets and, please, no chocolate or messy lollies, some stains are easy to fix but some look terrible in photos and too hard to remove with photoshop.



If children´s virtue is being pure and natural, the teen-age is virtually the opposite. Teenagers tend to be insecure, not old enough and not a kid anymore, going through the hard work of trying to find out who you really are, full of new emotions that you are still not in control of and experiencing lots of body changes. You feel things very strongly but you don´t want the word to know about these feelings. Everything is tremendously important at this age and image is in the top of the pyramid of importance. What you look like can be the motor of what your peers think of you so having a good photo, being special can really be a wonderful reassurance for you. I was a difficult teenager myself and I can say "I have been there" so I have the respect and interest to make you feel at ease and bring out the best of you (often much more than you would imagine you have inside).
Some teenagers are interested in fashion and singing and all those things that need of a portfolio. Trying out if you like doing this (photos) and if you are good at posing will help you ticking boxes (maybe you are thinking of entering the modeling business) or letting this one go (sometimes you dream of something but once you try you decide it is not for you). In any case it is always great doing a photo session at this age, once you pass the barrier of the awkward beginning it is actually A LOT OF FUN. I am confident you will be very happy with the results.



There are not 2 ways about it, we are changing. Who knows how we are going to look tomorrow. There is nothing wrong with changes, I am a big fan of reading people´s life maps in their features, wrinkles, scars, they are all part of a story but I am also a fan of making the most of today´s beautiful selves: photos are fun, they keep records, photos are you!. Come and give yourself a treat, you surely deserve it.
What you will wear depends on what do you want the photos for: you may be having photos just because you are worth it or because you are thinking of giving internet dating a go, they could be for a modeling job, air hostess portfolio, a present for your partner and so on and so forth, there are thousands of reasons to have photos taken.
Think about this: when you go to bed you put on your pajamas; when you do sports you wear the appropriate outfit for that certain sport, if you go to a ball you have nice clothes and make up on… we change all the time in a daily basis depending on what we are doing, what time of the day it is and many other reasons… we are used to have different looks for the different moments and circumstances, why not having some fun and wear those things that you like but never find the right circumstance to actually go and put them on? It is still you, if you like them then it´s right.
Accessories are great for photos, bring them over and we can see what we do: hats, jewelry, bags, hair stuff, suspenders, grandma´s pipe, gloves, leg warmers, etc.
If you think you are going to feel more comfortable during the Photo Session, bring over a friend, your partner or whoever you want, everybody is welcome but if I believe they are making you feel uneasy, then I will ask them nicely to wait outside for a moment (it is up to you and them if you decide this is a good idea or not).
I like to look for that person that you are in your dreams, let your imagination fly and go as far as you want to go. If you are conventional, good, we do conventional but if you like dancing, dressing up, acting, showing your big mussels, your cool tattoos … anything! we will find the best looks together. Come on and give us what you have! Nobody else but us need to see the photos it if you are not happy with the results.



Family Photography is probably one of the most popular types of photography and certainly the biggest motto to get out of your way and decide to pick up the phone and book a Session (you can choose Studio or Outdoors photography, we are happy to do one or the other). There are always plenty of good reasons to choose to have professional photos taken to implement your albums and enjoy a nice family moment together.
Ok, Session is booked, what do we do when we get there? What are our options?
Like for all the other categories, there are different ways of approaching a Family Photo Session, it all depends on who you are and what you want. It makes sense, there is always the one person in the family who is always doing the photos but never in them. Here you all come to look good together with all of you in the photo; that rarely happens in real life, we always tend to leave it for another day and then it never gets done. Make the most of today, a certain week or weekend that one of your siblings is coming back from overseas or that day that you all need to be in your best clothes to go to a celebration (you can come in the morning and then head to the party). Or do it for grandma´s 70th birthday, what a wonderful present that would be!
Well done, you did it! You have made the appointment and now what? What we need to do now is to find out –together- the kind of photos that you want (it happens very often that people don´t have a clue of what they really want, it is our job to guide you and help you take decisions about the options out there and which one of them adapt to your likes and needs). You can choose to come over and we can sit down and talk or we can discuss it over the phone or just in writing via email, whatever is easier for you.
The first thing we recommend is to have a look at our photo gallery and see options and examples of Family photos (not just clothing, which is usually the one and only concern, but also style, colors, backgrounds… you can even consider doing family sets and costumes). Once you talk to us you also need to talk to your family and make sure they agree with the ideas we have talked about (whenever some of the members refuses to play its part in the Session the whole experience can be spoilt; in these cases it is better to go for something simple that everybody can be happy with).
Look at the topics at the top of this page to see what to wear and have a little more information about the entire process.
Don´t forget to have a look at the "Styles" gallery (you find this at the bottom of the Home page). You can go for "Formal" shots if this is what you are after (well dressed, nice chair, all smiling and a straight pose –these are timeless and always winners-); you can do casual ones (everyday clothes, sitting or lying in the floor with as much interaction as you want to have –these are the favorite ones-) or you can go as crazy as you like (you can invent a character and dress up like your child, you can create games, use funny glasses, etc.). Similar props for everybody are a good trick; we have some options you may like.
There are loads of possibilities. Go ahead, book a Session today and we will be happy to talk about this and hear what you have to say.
Grandparents, favorite teddy bear, pets… everybody welcome in the Family photos.



You´ve got to do photos when you are pregnant!! The change in your body and your soul are so immense that you CAN´T let it go to waste, too special not to do it.
There are no photos of my mother pregnant of me, I so miss them, "I was there but I couldn´t see", how was she does days? What did I do to her body? There is a magical bond between you and the baby impossible to explain, only photos can come close to do it and they certainly give you records of a time that goes so fast. Make sure you have a little time for yourself before your baby is born an all becomes go, go, go. Don´t only think about it, do it! Believe me, days go past and then months go past and one day baby is here and then there is no going back, even if you get pregnant again, it won´t be the same pregnancy, not the same child, not the same body and not the same bond. I have done it and I love my pregnant photos, probably the only time in my life when I have proudly shown my belly. And I have had so many mums looking at those photos and saying… "I wish I did them when I could". Don´t let it be your case.
A nice idea we recommend for Pregnant Photos is bringing an item that will belong to your baby afterwards (room decor, head band, a tiny T-shirt or baby shoes), this looks very nice if you do Baby Photos in a near future and use the same item again and then put them together creating a beautiful link between mother and baby. It works very well for canvases in the wall or in photo albums or even in a little double frame in your living room. If you do this, remember to look back at the Pregnant photos before you do the Baby photos to make sure you don´t end up with a landscape image that you can´t put together with a portrait one just because you didn´t plan well enough.



I know, when do you actually decide to book a day to come and get photos done with your partner? It is not an easy thing to do to pick up the phone and actually do it. The more you think about it the further away the thought goes, it is never going to be the right moment so DO IT NOW!, do it for you or for your partner (women specially LOVE IT). Yeah, yeah, you´ve got a camera and have lots of photos together… how many of them are really nice ones, with a real something of your relationship stamped on it? This is an amazing gift. Don´t worry, we help you through the photo session. First we want to know what type of photos you like. It always helps if you look at photos, have a look I the "couples" section in the main gallery for ideas) we will try to create a role and if you take it like acting it becomes a lot easier and after five minutes you don´t need my directions any more, the session starts flowing on its own.
Think about it, don´t you want your kids to keep a nice picture of their parents to show to their kids? This is them on their best time (today is always the best time, better than tomorrow)… it is one of those things one doesn´t do and then sadly realize "what a shame that we didn´t do it". Come on, ring us and make the appointment, for her birthday, a great Saint Valentine´s present or just because.



Don´t you love Pet´s Photography? We always think of Kids, Babies, Families… but who is often a child´s closest friend or a grown-up´s best mate?: Their pets, no doubt about it.
We love them to bits, we live with them, why shouldn´t they be considered when we think of cool photos that we would die for? What a gift that would be for yourself, for your son or even for grandpa (allowed to come with his big dog friend).
Like in every other Photo Session you get to choose how far you want to go: just a "looking good and tidy" photo or a fun-original, out of reality shot. We like them all.
This goes to you, who take your pet to the hair dresser´s to look amazing for a day or two… why don´t you stretch a bit your budget and get something that actually lasts… forever.
Pet photography is about to become the latest trend. The UK has now a TV program called "Britain´s next DOG model". Anticipate the new fashion and WOW everybody, give us a call today.



Who has never thought of how nice it would be if could get someone to come and photograph our family or our baby or me and my pet here, in my special spot or in my farm or in any family event? How about when you have family members visiting from overseas? When are you all going to be together again? maybe never.
We are happy to go to you, to family´s or work does and come back with all those amazing photos you have been dreaming with. We can go and set up our mobile studio wherever you tell us or we can go anywhere you want us to go to and interact with nature or architecture.
Same as for all the other Studio Sessions, you will need to decide how much you are willing to prepare for the Photo Shot and what Style do you want to go for (natural-easy ones or bringing props and choosing perfect clothes, decoration, make up and every minimal detail matching together). Please, have a look at our "Outdoors" photography to get ideas that we will discuss together before Photo-day.
When people choose to have Outdoors Photography the common thing to do is for all the Family to put on good clothes (don´t panic, we help you choosing them if you want us to) that make sense with the chosen scenery (i.e. say you are going to a park full of red, yellow and brown leaves all over the floor: I would go for nice woolies, hats, earth colors; someone else chooses a beautiful lake in a hot summer day: summery clothes, dad in his nice shorts, mum in a white dress and her big pamela hat; if we go to an industrial landscape surrounded by factories: trendy- contemporary outfits would work very well in this scenario… possibilities are endless).
If you are planning outdoors Photography for a baby we can also play with props, there are multiple ideas coming to my mind. Don´t hesitate, pick up the phone and book a Photo Session with us. You will love the results for the rest of your days.



You can look like a real model even if you aren´t and only came for photos to have a bit of fun. Maybe you are a real model. Either way you are welcome. Come to us, you will love what we have for you.
The first question is: what are you doing the photos for? We ask this because if you are going to take those photos to a Model Agency (for example) there can be some requirements that need to be fulfilled (head shots, bikini, full body…); photos would be very different if you have a Rock & Roll band and have something in mind for the CD cover or most likely you just want to have nice, cool photos of yourself in these original frocks that you keep at the back of your wardrobe and are still waiting for the right occasion to ever use them. Another good reason for these kinds of photos can be to impress your partner (Saint Valentine´s day, wedding anniversary…), we can go spicy if you want to give it a go. We are here to serve you, the only thing we ask you to do is talking to us before you come for photos and, of course, like we always say, it really helps if you do your homework and look at our "Fashion" photos in the main gallery or the "Sexy & Glamour" ones in "Styles" at the bottom of the Home page. The more you and I get to know what you are after (often the hardest part of all, don´t worry, we help you through this) the more satisfactory the results will be.
Have a look at the top of this page for advices in "What to wear", "Hair, make-up and nails", etc.
For Fashion Photography we want make-up, hair and outfits to go a bit over the top if we compare to conventional photos.



Christmas is a very special season. We love Christmas at PT´s Foto Fun.
If there is something that PT´s Foto Fun claims to be a real expert that is Christmas Photography. We have an amazing selection of Christmas costumes and props that show in our wonderful selection of extremely cute photographs, make sure you have a browse through our Christmas photos in the main gallery (scroll down the arrow).
We love happy and sweet Christmas photos: kids, babies, families, pets, whoever you like can be in them, we will find outfits or accessories for everyone.
If you own or manage any PRESCHOOL CENTRE, you may be interested in the idea of us setting up our mobile studio in your place for a few days and offer the parents this unique and highly appreciated Christmas photo service; we have plenty of experience and good results backing up our work.

The main thing to consider if you want Christmas photos done is timing. The closer Christmas gets the more the stress and the amount of things left to do and then, Christmas is suddenly here. It´s good to be organized and prepare these photos with enough time, especially for babies, they are only babies at Christmas time once or twice in their life and they look so adorable as Santa´s, Santa´s little helpers, Snow men, Reindeers, Angels, etc that would be a shame to miss it.
If you are planning to send some Christmas photos or cards overseas, take into account that overseas posting usually ends around half November.
Photos, Cards and Photo Gifts have proven to be wonderful Christmas presents for grandparents, dads, mums and everybody else in the family.

As well as Christmas we also do Halloween, Easter Bunnies and Saint Valentine´s only, our stock is still limited, check with us or bring your own and we will love to take especial photos for every season. These photos are great in those yearly albums you do for babies ("my first tooth", "my first birthday", "my first Halloween"…)

Make the most of seasons, they are wonderful excuses to do all those things that we never find the right moment to do in our everyday hectic lives, sometimes they are just the push we need to pick up the phone and book the Photo Session that we so want to do but never find right moment to do.

Have a look also at our Cards selection for all the different seasons and celebrations (Thank you cards, Christmas cards, Birth announcement cards, Invitation to parties or events…). You can find them in the "Digital Art", button located at the bottom of the Home page. This is one of those things that we normally plan to do ourselves but, especially with new babies, we always struggle to find time to do them. Leave that task in our hands, you will be very popular with family and friends. Aren´t Cards a good opportunity for your close ones to get a nice printed photo of your kids to put up in their fridges? (very often the only one they will have in years). Cards don´t cost too much and they go far. Have family and friends talking nice things about your children for a while, that is always a good outcome.



If you are interested in something really unique and fun, we have a number of sets ready to go that you can choose from. Have a browse through "Sets and Costumes" in the main gallery, for ideas. Some of the sets and costumes you find in there are ready to go, just point out which one you like and we will tell you if it is ok for you or your child´s age (some sets may incur a little extra cost but most of them are included in the initial price). Apart from the sets provided, we are always happy to fulfill your wishes, give us an idea or bring a set of your own and we will find a way to make it work. (the extra cost will depend on the difficulty of preparing that particular new set).
Please, let us know if you want us to provide you with a list of our sets and costumes and some information about them.



Wedding Photography deserves a whole space in this website to help you understand what happens in the day, how we decide together every detail the way you want it to be, pricing, photos and, in short, to convince you to choose us from all the list of Wedding photographers out there. Probably one day, we aim to have a special website just for Weddings and there, all the important information will be covered. As for now, the reality is that we haven´t got the most years nor the biggest background working in this particular field but anyhow, have a look at our photos, they are all we have to convince you that we are special and that we can make your special day look fantastic for a very good price (you can find Wedding photos in the main gallery, scrolling down the arrow). Because we still don´t have the biggest portfolio we are ready to offer you really good deals to let us photograph your Wedding.
Give us a call or drop us an email and we will talk about prices and everything else you need to know. There is a lot to talk about, you are getting married!! And we want to make sure that everything on our part will follow the plans to perfection.